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Mahaughani Fiyah is an African American author that doesn't just write Urban Fiction. She writes fiction period. From her contemporary novel Church Girl, to her erotic suspense novels, Lying Lips 1 & 2, to her short, interracial, erotic story Swirl, Mahaughani has captured a wide audience with prose so vivid, reading her books is like watching a blockbuster movie.

She writes characters that are sui generis. Well developed, relatable, and as over the top as she can make them, Mahaughani shocks her readers and always leaves them wanting more. Ms. Fiyah has been penning prose since she was first able to hold that pen and is without doubt the creative standout among her peers.

Mahaughani Fiyah is the pseudonym of a writer who pens multifarious genre's of literature. She currently writes for both LockDown Publications and her own company, On Fiyah Publishing.

As both owner and CEO of a publishing company and an editing firm, Mahaughani keeps very busy in the publishing industry. She is happily domiciled in New Orleans where she enjoys a modicum of peaceful reclusion.




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